Fun box arrived today 8mm rifle - 8mm Nambu

A friend asked me if I wanted some ammo - some is just ‘shooting ammo’ as the boxes are rough on a few.

8mm German ammo - although not sure who made it, repacked for Hungary is the old note on it.
IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5327

A couple of boxes of 32 acp - a bit rough, but ones I hadn’t seen.
IMG_5329 IMG_5330 IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333

Then some original 8mm Nambu
IMG_5334 IMG_5336


The first lot of ammunition is 8x56R Austrian Manlicher, which were made in Austria after the German Unification in 1938. My understanding is that this ammunition was made for Bulgaria as they had received a large number of Austrian M95/30 rifles.

The signature on the Browning ammo is way cool!
I had not noticed that before, and I have three boxes of Browning .25 ACP!
Will wonders never cease! Thanks, weimar!!

It is amazing what we sometimes see. That was a new one for me too.


IPad of Edward Tinker

Weimar, the maker is written on the box.
P635; Gustloff-Werke Otto Eberhardt, Patronenfabrik Hirtenberg

With powder made by Rottweil

I forgot to mention that the clip should have the nazi eagle and swastika on it as well. That clip has the Austrian double-headed eagle, which was used pre the German Unification.

interesting - my friend thought these would fit my GEW 88 1925 Simson - but evidently different.

Not necessarily the Doity Boid stamp.In making up the Bulgarian consigment in 1938-39, Hirtenberger used all types of clips, from WWI and earlier, as seen in Bulgarian repack 8x56R released on Western Markets in 1990s.Bulgaria also used recycled clips when repacking loose cartridges from MG belts into recycled Austrian labeled ctns, without taking notice of label details. So a sealed, label to headstamp match of 8x56R cartridges is quite rare.
Doc AV

Interesting - the boxes of German marked 8x56R that I have all had German stamped clips. I incorrectly assumed that they stamped the clips to match the HS. Thanks for the clarification. I’ve been told that the boxes were also recycled, so it is very rare to find one that is still sealed.

Well, now you guys made me go an look at this one again; I posted a stripper clip of 8x56R with Nazi marks on the cartridge bases a couple weeks ago, but did not look at the clip for a makers mark.
Here it is: GR, CR, RG, RC???
Now I need to go look for the two boxes of this stuff that I am pretty sure I still have!
20181213_161745 20181213_161947

I believe that is the Monogram of the G. Roth Company, of Austria (and the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

John Moss

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