Funny 37 mm


Here is an Austrian 37 mm shell where the bullet itself is 3 times longer than the case.
It is for a mountain gun (such short cases rounds are also designed for fortress guns)

  1. What is the range of such rounds ?
  2. Are they scarce or not ?


Jeanpierre, this is actually a 37x57R round for the Austrian “Grabenkanone” (Trench Gun), no relation to mountain guns.
Your projectile here is not even the longest one used on this case. The more common projectile is even longer and has a nose section which is containing a small powder charge which is firing the projectile back up into the air after the projectile has struck the ground (as per the idea). Exploding some distance above the ground and scattering almost 100% of it’s shrapnel made it much more lethal.

Here an image of the “longest” one:

There were also canister rounds and illuminating projectiles. Also a shorter projectile is existing. Steel cases are known to exist and also post war Italian production for weapons the Austrians had to hand over after 1918 (Italians then claimed that they captured them during the war).
Some weapons were even delivered to Germany during the war bt there is a need for clarification about ammunition they used since very few shortened and necked down German Hotchkiss cases do exist.


Thanks Alex !
is it scarce ?



I ammended my posting above, please check again.

Your’s here in particular has the less common projectile. Does it still have the base fuze? These cartridges are around but not so easy to find.
In Europe this one should be around 130 Euro maybe more (with base fuze), depending on who wants it.