Funny 7,62 nato


The two cartridges on the left (the two tracers are just to get yer attention ;-) were found in a pile of very corroded stuff in a box a while ago.
They are obviously 7,62 nato, but what for? They have not been used here in Denmark or I would have found out quickly.

TIA Soren



Those are M82 blanks intended for use by the U.S. primarily in the M14 Rifle and M60 Machinegun. Don’t know what other uses they may have seen in Denmark.



OK, thanks.
Probably came here together with some GI’s during the fall manouvers that were held regularly back in the sixties. The attic we emptied certainly looked like it had been untouched since 1970…


The US Army held manuvers in the Southeastern US in the early 1960’s too and this M82 blank ammunition was all over the place. I could fix a plate of food from our dinner table and ride a mile on my bike where I could trade the plate for whole cans of this stuff! It was readily available and if they held manuvers near you, I would say they spread it amongst you all too.


You and I are probably about the same age. I recall the the maneuvers quite well. I grew up on a farm outside of Camden, South Carolina, and for several years in the early 60s, the troops pretty well took over the area. Often we would see them scattered in small groups all up and down the roads that bordered the farm, waiting for the opposing forces (I think the two sides were identified as blue and red). Only occasionally did we hear any firing close by, so I assume they did a pretty good job of protecting us.


Very interesting Guy! I would have never guessed you for a Carolina boy but that certainly ups my opinion of you!(lol)

Yep, I was on a farm too, on the Western side of the state and as I recall, the Red Force occuppied our area and the Blue Force was supposed to be the opposition. We had Blue forces on our place, observing a nearby air field where they had Mohawk aircraft, but my Dad made me swear to leave them be and tell no one.

I traded home-cooked meals for rations, ammo cans, belted M82 and all sorts of stuff! Those guys loved to see me coming and would go nuts bidding between each other to get those meals! Sadly, of course, playing war soon changed to real war in Vietnam and the grand summer fun of Army Manuvers ended far to soon. Have none of that stuff left today.