Funny and interesting

What are these, and would you please translate the label for us uni-lingual Americans?

Guy, it is Italian, not French
I will try.
Manufacturer of gas and compressed air weapons
Gardone, italie

First award for inventing at the Bruxells international exhibition in 1957
Brass cases cal 8 (mm) for liquid CO


The last phrase:

Brass cal. 8 cases of self production for hunting small shotguns that work with liquid gas ( CO2)

Gardone VT ( Val Trompia) is the town where are placed all the most important italian gun factories.It is near Brescia,about 150 Km from Milan

How is the liquid CO2 stored? It is rare for CO2 in a liquid state to be used.

I think that these shotguns used a separated tank of CO2 gas.

I have an iron case that was loaded with some cotton and some shot.
It was probably intended for a serbacane,but I think that JP rounds and my cartridge should work according the same principle