Funny little 12g slug sellier and bellot

Its a sellier and bellot 2 3/4 12g slug.
I used to do a lot of shotgun shooting when I was a teenager and these used to be the cheapest slugs you could buy at the time. its a really funny slug. I put a pic of one that was fired and one just out of its plastic holder. its not really a sabot I don’t think because it does not come off the round even when it hits something. it is called an S-ball on the clear plastic part.
I really like the hog on the shell!
just thought I would share. don’t know to much about them but I know they don’t sell them anymore were I live.

Very interesting looking shell! I wonder if it was meant as a slug load for game or a breeching round? What is the slug made of? (The color in the photo looks golden-like)

because of the shell you would think it was for game but when shooting it it was super weak and slow. even the guy at the shop who sold them said I don’t think you should use them for game.
i’m not sure how I can tell what it is made out of. its more gold then copper and its really really hard. I put a pic here of one that hit a solid steel target at 50 yards and you can see the slug didn’t even deform it just bounced off.
buy why the funny shape?

one other thing the clear plastic part says S-BallPAT CSSR

Trevor, this particular cartridge is designated Super S-Ball Plastik and was designed for hunting wild boars. The subcalibrated bullet is made of galvanized steel and weighs 24.6 g (379.64 gr).

thanks for the info!

Well done Fede! Now I know.