Funny Match story

I came back from a small local show with a “surpise me” bag (my favourite) in which I found a lot of these (see below), I put my monocle magnifying glass into my eye and started going through various dates. After a while I picked another round and stuck my nose into the primer well to find a bunch of spider fangs sticking out of it. I resettled the spider down the sink by using water but it did give me a “surprise” almost at midnight. By the way, are these cartridges new or used? Being an occasional range shooter, I know nothing of competition.

From the photo, looking at the primer pocket I would say they appear to be unfired but only an in-hand inspection could tell for sure, I think. Look inside and if they appear bright, refer to line 1 above.

I’ve got 5 on my desk like that but no flash holes! Pretty certain they are unfired.

I do love grab bags!