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IN the last batch of Spent cases received (last year) there were some interesting “RG” cases

RG CG02 ( 12-6 oclock) ??? Carl Gustav? Swedish FFV manufacture?

RG Comp 96 ??Special Competition Load??

RG (+) 95 ?Standard offshore Military procurement; (+) = Nato cross in Circle), 3x 120 degree layout.

There are some others as well, but I will have to keep looking…

This is in Australia, not Europe…the cases are from a Rifle Club sale of brass (Lots of MF, ADI, and S&B ( “.308 o 82 o”) and HF 7,62 ( Singapore) )

Any info as to the “RG” headstamps?

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‘RG CG02’ was specially issued for the 2002 Commonwealth Games.



I do apologize, that was obviously the wrong picture! I’ll try again…


As Jim says, “CG” was for the Commonwealth Games and the “COMP” was for NRA competition. Both loaded with 155 grn bullets rather than the normal 144 grn.

The three position headstamp of "RG (date) (Nato) was intended to be a “universal” headstamp that could be used for ball or tracer with the appropriate coloured annulus and lasted from the mid 1980s to around 2000. It was then decided by the MoD that they wanted load information in the headstamp so the "L number was re-introduced to the familiar four position headstamp.



Maybe just slightly related to the discussions above, but whereas
RORG stands for Royal Ordnance Radway Green, does anybody know if
Radway Green ever used: RGOF (Radway Green Ordnance Factory ???)



No, it was never known as Radway Green Ordnance Factory.

Initially it was the Ministry of Supply Factory Radway Green and used a single Broad Arrow as the headstamp in 1940 and 1941. It then changed to the familiar “RG” code and became the Royal Ordnance Factory Radway Green until the privatisation in the 1990s. After that it was Royal Ordnance before becoming part of British Aerospace as it is now.



Hi Tony,

thanks for that info.
I have two 30-06 cartridges that came out of the UK which are “weight cartridges”.
Tinned or aluminum 30-06 cases (no primer or primer hole) filled with lead ball to a
specific weight which is laser engraved on the bottom of the cartridge.
Also engraved on the bottom is “RGOF” and a code on the side of the case.

Any idea where these might come from.


PS sorry don’t have a picture at hand here at work. Will upload one later today/tomorrow


That is very interesting. I would say they are almost certainly from Radway Green and are set-up cartridges for the accept/reject machines.

Although “RGOF” does not appear on any headstamps, perhaps it is an acronym that is used internally within the factory. That will teach me never to say never!



here are two snapshots of the bottom

and the side of the cases

both cartridges have bullets with GMCS jackets