Fusnot Dots

Hello again,

The following is a 12mm pinfire manufactured by Charles Fusnot (Fabrique de Balles et Cartouches).

The headstamp which is faint to begin with, reads * FUSNOT * BRUXELLES

In the center of the headstamp is two impressed “dots”. Are these “dots” possible manufacturing marks of some sort?

(I must add, I have two * FUSNOT * BRUXELLES stamped 12mm pinfire. The other one is stamped the same, minus the two dots)


(Sorry for another poor photo… It’s the best I can do with what I have atm.)

I am pretty sure it is just a tool mark because (after glancing at my 58 variations by him in various sizes and headstamps) I have others with less or more pronounced marks, and some with other various shaped marks.

Aaron - Thank you for your input! I was hoping you could shine some light on these markings. It is interesting that there are other variations of markings to look out for too!

Best Regards,