Fuze markings

again I come to ask about some markings. I will be greatful for any information.


  1. “L” on A-H fuze M8.

  2. “MO” on A-H M12b

  1. Russian fuze parts; “B” and “П”

Do not try to find a strict meaning behind every single marking found on any kind of ordnance.
Besides the official marking like type designationa nd lot number there are often plenty of factory internal markings (QA, inspection etc.).

The “П” on the Russina fuze stands for “polevoy”, i.e. “field” what stands for use with the field gun.
There are also “Г” for “gornyi”, i.e. “mountain” what stands for use with mountain guns (or in the mountains, I am not 100% sure right now).
There are also “ПГ” which seem to be unified types (easier logistics).

Well, I am the type of guy who want to know every detail haha. Thank you for help with “П” EOD!

Anybody about MO manufacturer? I see it pretty often…