Fuze protecting cap headstamp

I found this ring from cap covering fuze T-6. What can mean “Ƶ” headstamp?

At least it should mean that it was not made in Bulgaria or Russia/USSR.

Well… I am not sure. T-6 is soviet fuze.

I said “not made there”. This means someone else made it.

Ah! I got it now! My bad. I did not read it carefully. Yes you can be right. Germans and Czechs often use “Ƶ” as a letter Z in handwriting, which makes it possible to distinguish the letter from the number 2. In Poland as “Ż” but I dont know any manufacturer “Ƶ” also I cant imagine any Polish production for USSR :)

This is no factory sign as normally the numerical code was used. The “Z” here is some factory internal marking I assume.
The GDR did not make these fuzes from scatch (just modified some).

Given the “Ƶ” with the horizontal dash is used in Polish script it can well be a Polish product as in German it is not used in machine writing.
I just can not tell if Poland made any of the “T” series fuzes.