FYI 30-378 Weatherby by Hornady

Normally only Weatherby cartridges other then 270 and 300 Weatherby are with the Weatherby (only) head-stamp.
I noticed lately, Hornady is producing some of the other calibers, maybe Weatherby can’t get them produced with only the Weatherby head-stamp due to the ammunition component shortage? i am not really sure.
Also not sure how long an inventor of a caliber can hold the patient rights before another maker can produce the caliber.
Here’s a new new I have not seen:


Not sure if this is correct or a mistake:
" “New” production using new brass cases with WEATHERBY30-378WbyMAG” Head-Stamp" [From the link above]
Weatherby should be changed to Hornady.

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thanks fred error on the web-site i need to fix. not enough coffe early this morning
My Best

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And this needs fixing, also.

Energy up to 4,900 Feet per
Second with 180 to 250 grain projectiles.

I suspect you mean 4,900 FPE.


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Thanks all thumbs on the keyboard, and errors happen on the 1000s of items listed., to service the collectors.

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