G a .223


I just picked up this 223 load (G A .223 with ring crimped primer, green primer seal and FMJ projectile) and looked up the initial GA and came up with 2 possibilities - Grenfeil & Accles Ltd., Birmingham, UK and a Singapore date code.
I am not sure if the Grenfeil & Accles ID matches with the FMJ military style loading. The singapore ID seems ok but I am not sure. Any ideas?


Grenfell and Accles went out of business circa 1900, so…



Thanks Tony, I guessed as much but couldnt find any reference to them except in headstamp lists.


Grenfell & Accles was only in existence for a short time in the 1890s. They made .303" Mark II Powder and .455" Mark I and also I believe some .45" Gatling.

One of the difficulties of internet searching is that whilst the information that “GA” is Grenfell & Accles may be there, there is often no context to that data.



I did a bit more searching and found similar headstamps on Municion.org. I remembered using 308 ammo that had the headstamp G H .308 years ago so looked that up and found that it was indeed a date stamp from Singapore - G=7 H=8 = 1978.
I did end up finding this similar 223 headstamp with different spacing also on Municion.org
They list it as G=7 A=1 = 1971
Manufactured by Chartered Industries Singapore Pty Ltd

My example has G A at 12 o’clock and .223 at 6 o’clock. Also their picture shows what looks like some sort of lacquer but mine is clean with only the green primer seal very similar to this example.


An interesting entry relating to Chartered Industries Singapore. History of them and some details of what they made.



For those of you who like .223 / 5.56 & .50 BMG Ron Fuchs has posted copies of his books as a free download
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[color=#0080FF]Thank you very much [/color][color=#800000]Ron Fuchs[/color] [color=#00BF00]![/color]