"G.F." hs on 7mm & 8mm Mauser?

I have seen reference that there are “G.F.” hs on recent production of 7mm & 8mm Mauser.

I thought initially that these may represent “Givlio Fiocchi” as these two calibres and some other new case types (7x57R, 7x64, 8x57JRS) were shown in the 2010 Italian catalog. However, this doesn’t seem to be true as all the Fiocchi production (by Norma ?) seems to use “G.F.L.” hs.

Maybe for Fiocchi USA ?? or someone else altogether. Any info greatfully received.

I have this on a 30-06 that I got from Otto Witt and he told me that it was Fiocchi USA.

This can be true since no rifle cartridge produced and sold in Italy by Fiocchi is headstamper GF

I have seen the 30/06 made by Fiocchi Italy and are headstamped GFL

GF could also be a pre-production temporary headstamp

I have a pre-production 9 x 22 Fiocchi cartridge headstamped FIOCCHI 9 x 22, whereas commercial production had GFL 9 x 22 headstamps

The “GF” headstamped rifle rounds were made by Dominion for Fiocchi sales in Canada, the USA and perhaps other places.

Thanks to all those who replied.

I got the impression that the cartridges with these hs were produced fairly recently (Will - is this your understanding ?).

So John, if they were produced by Dominion (for Fiocchi) would this have to have been before 1969 when Dominion was effectively finished ?

Just trying to clarify approximate production period.


Brad - I think they were made that long ago. However, I will admit to be very, very sloppy in my use of the Canadian name for that factory. I probably often call it Dominion even for ammo made in the Imperial and IVI eras. But then, I still call that country in Africa “Rhodesia,” and refer to the Island nation of “Ceylon,” etc. I’m too old and dumb to keep changes from the names I grew up with in my head all the time, I guess.

Unfortunately, I have never seen a box for either the 8 x 57 or the .303 version of the “GF” rounds - the only two calibers I have had that headstamp on since I used to collection both.

Is this possibly one?


Joe, this is one of the early rounds mentioned above by John. It was made by CIL in Canada for Giulio Fiocchi, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina, which is not the same as current Fiocchi of America established since 1983 in Missouri.


Never knew they had a facility in Charleston. I had heard they had a factory in Alton, Illinois in the 1950’s and a warehouse in Springfield, Missouri for imported ammo.


Joe, I’m not really sure what they had in Charleston, but this company name and address was printed in cartridge boxes and also marked in firearms.

The Fiocchi factory that you mention as being located in Alton was the ex-Alcan company that was known as Smith & Wesson-Fiocchi, Inc. between 1969-72. The original location of Fiocchi of America, Inc. was Springfield, Missouri and in 1988 they moved to their current address in Ozark.