"G" headstamp?


I see mention in several listings of headstamp codes that Federal Cartridge Co. used a G as a headstamp. Does anyone have any further info such as when used and what cartridges or even a picture of an example? The cartridge I have is a .22bb blank with a indented G for the headstamp. Joe


That actually may be the French manufacturer, Gevelot (or SFM)


FullMetalJacket–It could also be Gambles Hardware. Federal made cartridges for them in the 1920’s. If you post a picture of the profile and the headstamp we can probably ID it for you. There are several “G” headstamps used on .22’s and 6mm Floberts, but each is a different style and so, for the most part are quite easy to tell apart.



Yep, looks like SFM to me.


FullMetalJacket–Definitely Gevelot (SFM). Also, the cartridge is not a .22 blank. It is a 6mm Flobert Blank usually used in Starter Pistols.


When I search for info on Gevelot, I find mention of raised headstamps. My cartridge in question has an impressed headstamp, does this still fit the criteria for the French cartridge maker?


FullMetalJacket–Yes, Gevelot used both styles. The raised “G” is older.