G.R.A.G. .38 S. headstamp


I found the subject headstamp in a box of Keystone Cartridge Co (Austria) KEENFIRE .38 Center fire blanks. I had not seen this headstamp before but assume the maker to be G. Roth.


Headstamp stands for Georg Roth Actien-Gesellschaft. a good headsamp that exists in other calibers but is very hard to find. I have no sample, evern though looking for it on the known 7.65 Browning rounds with this headstamp, or any other auto pistol caliber.

Congratulations on finding it.

John Moss


Thanks for the confirmation. If it was on an auto pistol cartridge - I’d get one on its way to you.


Guy - thank you. I love headstamps, but revolver rounds ARE wasted on me, as you already know. I really do appreciate the thought though. Someday maybe someone will find a full box of those GRAGs on .32 Auto, which is another caliber I know it is found on.

John Moss