G2 Research Telos ammo?

I see on the G2 website today that they are teasing some soon-to-come ammo line called “Telos“. Some new form of solid copper projectile I presume, and likely to debut at SHOT show 2017 along with the release of the Civic Duty load in .45acp probably.


Yesterday on the G2 Facebook page they teased a photo of their new Telos ammo in .38spl. The caption describes it as a controlled fragmenting solid copper projectile. They alluded to this being available by January.

And now a box of 9mm Telos is shown on G2’s Facebook page. I actually just found yesterday a retailer online has boxes of the Telos 9mm available, and he appears to be the first one, he seemed to think so as well. Perkins Outpost, selling via Gunbroker only, has several boxes listed. He also has a low-resolution image of a data sheet from G2 on the Telos, which he was nice enough to send a full size version of. From the data sheet we learn that the projectiles on the .38 and 9mm will fragment into 7 pieces.

Here is what the 9mm Telos ammo looks like close-up. interesting that the grain weight is not listed on the box, but true to the spec sheet in the previous post, they are 92gr. The headstamps are JAG 9mm+P


Thanks for the updates and great photos. You Rock!


Just ran across this post and found a box of Telos. Interesting that G2 moved the frangmenting grooves from the outside of the bullet to the inside!