G2 Research "VIP" cold tracer & "LE 9" 9mm

I noticed recently at Clark Armory that they are now offering 20rd boxes of “VIP” cold tracers in 9mm from G2 Research (makers of the R.I.P. pistol ammo). This jives with an earlier thread I started where I was pondering an apparent merger or cooperation happening between Glow Ammo, and G2. These VIP bullets are the same grain weight as their RIP projectiles, and meant for training with a supposed similarity in ballistic performance. In the photo below you can see the bullets upside-down in the tray showing the typical Glow Ammo cold-tracer sticker on the base of the bullet.

There is a Youtube video from SHOT show last month where Tyler from G2 explains it, and on the table you can see a box of something called “L.E.9” ( LE9 ) that looks like a more typical solid copper hollow point with petals peeled back, and not fragmented like their RIP load:

The youtube video: