G2 RIP Cartridges: Different primers or markings


I bought 2 different cartridges out of two different boxes.
Thats 9x19.
There is a primer differed:



In a previous post here on the Forum ( viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17260 ), it was suggested the primer with the 2 “V” mark was made by CBC.

Thank you!

I found out that the boxes are different 2014 and 2015

This box from 2014 has not the 2 "V"mark

and this box from 2015 has the 2 "v"mark

This ammunition was originally loaded by small capacity loader from purchased components. They were extremely careful in selecting their components.

I understand that there was some discussion of DRT actually loading this ammunition for G2, but do not know if that happened.

I suspect that quite a few organizations loaded this ammo.

The only variation of substance is the bullet weight. As I recall it was originally it was 96gr. They had difficult obtaining exactly the same material for their bullet which is very precisely manufactured, The new bullet weighed 92gr and there was a very slight change in the design. This new bullet actually performed better than the 96gr bullet. The original boxes stated that the bullet weight was 96gr. When they changed the weight they deleted any mention of the bullet weight. During this transition they still used the old boxes which identified the bullet as 96gr, but used an overlabel on the end which did not mention the weight. Later the labels were printed without the weight.


This primer with the 2 “V” mark is really made by CBC.