G2Z tracer .303

Can anyone help with the stripe on the headstamp of this G2Z tracer it is a late date so most likley a contract round but uts the red bullet tip colour and the purple stripe thats interesting me.

any help would be greatly appreciated

The stripe on the base is commonly done to note proof, however no reason to pressure check a firearm for a tracer. So my guess is that the tracer had an experimental factor to mark it like that.
Interesting cartridge

This looks more like a .303 than a 7.62x51. Is the title a mistake?

I did not put the “-7.62x51mm” on this post, I just put G2Z tracer so someone else has put that on and yes it is a .303


Could this be a ‘ballistic standard’ tracer perhaps?

No idea how the 7.62x51 got in there. I thought it was a flea-O-flea & answered accordingly.

Conjay’s catalogue give details of a .303 Standard Tracer G Mk II with a red stripe across the head and with a headstamp of ‘K4 44 GII’.
I appreciate that your stripe is a definite purple but I’d suggest the marking style is so similar that this is almost certainly a Standard load.

Thanks Jim

And no I have no idea how the 7.62 got in my description I didnt write, very strange


Would the color change or fade over time?

The color will fade & sometimes it was lightly put on, but I haven’t seen change, as such, in the color. For whatever that is worth.