Gallagher variations

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I was curious as to whether there is a source of information on Gallagher variations, specifically the metallic cartridges. I’ve seen an example with a groove and was wondering how common this was as well as any other info? I understand modern Gallagher cases are typically made with a groove, but was curious as to older specimens.

Gallager & Smith Percussion Cartridges. GR 1961…pdf (2.9 MB)

Thank you, that’s a great article! But it didn’t appear to answer my question about the groove, any other insight?

Do you have pictures? Brass variants with a groove are of modern manufacture, although some of them are more than 40 years old, like the ones made for German Erma carbines.

I assume the item on the left is the critter in question. The bullet is well oxidized but that doesn’t necessarily speak to the age of the case. As Fede says, I was told it’s a “modern” shooter.

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The item in question, said to be a reloaded Civil War era cartridge.

Can’t see if there are any turn marks on the case, if so then modern, but made to look old. Plus the fact this style case in not referenced in any of the early material on the Gallagher.

So in other words, tread with caution down this rabbit hole as there might be a snake? It has my curiosity, I’m tempted, but don’t know if I should risk it.

The Erma looks like These;

I don’t know who is the manufacturer but it is of modern production.

That is what I was afraid of