Gallery Practice Cartridges - 30-06


Yesterday at a local auction in a lot box of brass was this box of Cal. .30 Gallery Practice Cartridges. I am not sure how to post photo’s but I did upload them to [url][url] . The brass in the box is headstamped RA - H - 18. What type of practice load was this. I am not a collector of military ammo but I know someone here will be able answer the question.



Cal .30 M1919 Gallery Practice Cartridges were intended for use just as their name says, for practice. They typically are loaded with a lead bullet of about 120 grains at a velocity of 1100 fps.

Second Class and fired cases were often used. This accounts for your cartridge headstamped R-H-18 which signified Remington-Hoboken Plant-1918, even though they were loaded by Frankford Arsenal in 1920. Boxes of fired, cleaned and de-primed cases were issued for re-loading into the 1920s and 1930s. One such box is shown below which contains no less than nine different headstamps, both military and commercial.

By the early 1920s the 22 LR was replacing the M1919 as a practice cartridge, and it was re-designated as the Cal .30 Guard Cartridge M1.

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Calling the cartridge a 30-06 is not correct. Since you are not a collector you can be forgiven - but only once. ;) ;)