Gamebore White Gold "Gamebore -12 -"

Who made this?

Gambore, is a shotguncartridgescompany from England.

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Vlad, for info, the side of a Gamebore box from a number of years ago (not White Gold) to show their address, Pete.

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Back around 1998 Kent Cartridge Co. (US) bought Gamebore and I believe they are sold through Midway or Grafs , I think Kent is still the parent company. Good quality ammo and besides RST are the only company selling short,2 1/2" cartridges in the US. They use the same case in some of their premium target loads as the B &P brand.

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Some other examples as you can see the made 8 bore to 410, paper & plastic hulls plus all-plastic using Active shells with the inner steel reinforcing.

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wowwwwwwwwwwww…is there something you don´t have…???


Activ was I believe one of Kent’s acquisitions.

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Hi Eric1
I do like British shot shells & LOTS & LOTS I don’t have

I just returned from shooting clays and there was someone there shooting some of these! Said he was using up old ammo from the back of the cabinet.

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Here are some White Gold from my collection. Around 1990…
HS 12 stars or CHEDDITE.
I think they later got the name Clear Winner,with HS GAMEBORE.