Gamegetter rounds

I have always had an interest in the Gamegetter rounds. I’ve had 2 of hte Marbles GG guns, but do not anymore, although I’m on the hunt for decent deal on a Minty 1st model. I presently have 6 or 7 WRACO GG boxes. On my quest to document all 44-40 that WRACO ever produced I seems to always find myself surprised by what turns up next. I guess that is what makes it fun! It’s actually a very unique rouind. SOme are shot and some are shot witha ball at the end. Here are a few of them, as I haven’t taked photos of the others yet. Does anyone else have any unique WRACO 44 GG out there?


I got a chuckle out of your comment, “. . . although I’m on the hunt for decent deal on a Minty 1st model.”

Aren’t we all. :) :)

Anyway, I don’t collect the GG stuff except to have single specemins of the different cartridges. You mentioned one that is “shot with a ball at the end.” Did you mean the single 44 ball or is there a cartridge with both shot and ball?


I have owned a couple of GG rifles over the years, but never kept them. Crazy, eh? Anyway, when I find a minty 1st model, I’ll keep it this time. The chuckle is in the words “decent deal” ha ha … In my qeust to document all the WRACO/western 44-40 boxes out there, the Gamegetter boxes are a unique subset. I have 6 different ones so far. I’m sure others exist that I will eventually find. I just put a few more pics of WRACO GG boxes on the same link. Go see them. There are 3 pics of the BALL box we spoke of. One typical pic, one close up, and one side. What do you think?

Ray, I guess I realized I didn’t address the issue… are the rounds in these BALL boxes just a ball or ball and shot. Bottom line is that I don’t know as I have never shot one or taken one apart. I guess I can have it xrayed by my friend in teh med profession. Does anyone know for sure? Here is a pic of the round.

Here is a pic of the headstamp. For some reason I cannot seem to post the pic in the post. Only the link to it…? Anyway, here’s the headstamp.


I have 2 or 3 different HS cartridges just like the WRA and, as far as I know, they are all a single ball. The roll crimp in the case keeps the ball from dropping down into the case.


Have you ever taken one apart to verify? Guy, have you? You’re probably right, but it would be nice to know for sure. I’m always looking for 44-40 extras and 44 Henry extras if you have any you don’t need. Happy holidays!


I have one extra 44 GG Round ball but I’m not sure I want to disect it.

In looking thru some back issues of the IAA JOURNALS I’ve found several photos of boxes that clearly state “loaded with 115 grain round ball” or words to that effect.

Issue # 387 has an article on the gun and several photos of boxes. It would be worth your time to take a look at it.


Don’t blame you. I have a bunch and don’t want to ruin any of them either. I guess I can have it xrayed, as my friend has access to an xray machine. If you look at my albums, you’ll see a pic where I had a 44 Henry SHOT cartridge xrayed. It’s pretty neat. Also in my gamegetter album, I have the Ball box that states, as you said, 115 gr round ball, 34 grains powder. I guess that means no shot in there with it. Oh well…

I have only seen Gamegetters loaded with a single lead ball or shot. I have never seen anything that would suggest there were also loads consisting of ball and shot. I have never dissected one.

Was Winchester the only company to produce a Gamegetter shot load? I have a good assortment of Gamegatter cartridges, but only the WRA COs include shot loads.

Guy, WRACO was not the only one who made GG rounds. I’m fairly certain that Peters, UMC, and some of the others made GG also. But, I really only collect WRACO, so I’m not 100% sure. You must be correct, my box must be ball only and NOT ball and shot together. Have you found it drying up lately? i haven’t found a good box to add to the collection in a while. I’d like to find a good early Western box, or a unique WRACO 44 box. I’m getting bored… ha ha

What do you guys consider to be a “Game Getter” cartridge? Only those headstamped GG?

The advertisements for the gun itself illustrate:

44 W.C.F. SHOT
44 U.M.C. SHOT (with wood capsule)
44 X.L. Shot (with paper capsule)

I do have a R.H.A. (Robin Hood) GG Ball cartridge in addition to the WRA but those are the only two that have the “GG”.


My question was if WRACo was the only one that made the Gamegetter headstamped birdshot loads. Only two ammo companies made the Gamegetter headstamped (44 GG) cartridges that I know of, these being WRA Co and Robin Hood. In my collection are Gamegetter style cartridges with the single ball made by UMC, REM-UMC, Peters, and Dominion, but these are loaded in 44-40 or 44 WCF headstamped cases. Other than the WRA Co .44 G.G. shot load with the extended length case, I am not aware of any other 44 G.G. headstamped cartridge that was factory loaded with shot. Most of the .44 shot loads are the paper bulleted type with a 44 XL headstamp, or the extended length type with a 44-40 or 44 WCF headstamp.

Only collecting WRACO, and mostly for the box designs, gives me limited knowledge on other makers. As you said the WRACO boxes I have are all, but one, filled with GG marked rounds. One of them is not. It is full of 44 shot, in a GG shot box. The box was sealed on 2 sides when I got it, and I accidentally messed up the seal on one of them and was able to open it. So I know those rounds are native to the box. I don’t know if they were sopposed to come like that or if was a “goof” that the box did not contain GG rounds.

Are your WRA Co shot vartridges without the GG headstamp made with standard length 44-40 cases, or are they longer than standard cases?

Don’t remember, I would have to unwrap all 6 boxes, as I do not remember which of the boxes it is. Well, 5 of the 6, b/c I know it’s not the Ball box. What should it be?

My WRA Co shot cartridges that are not headstamped G.G. are all extended length cases headstamped .44-40 W.C.F.

I’ll go open them up…

OK, I stand corrected. It was not the box I was thinking of, but rather another I own that is fully opened, beautiful condition, but open, with only 32 rounds. HINT: Need 18 more with same patina! Anyway, the headstamp is wraco 44 as can be seen in the pic, NO GG mentioned on headstamp. I still believe these to be original to the box, they match the pic on the top label exactly.

Here’s another pic.