Gander Mountain & Peters Brand

I was in my local Gander Mountain picking up catalogs when something odd caught my eye on the ammunition shelf. It was 7mm Rem. Mag. in PETERS boxes. The box was the style from the 1970’s with the brown Old Timey look. At first I thought they had bought up some old Peters stock, but on examination the boxes were labeled Copyright 2006 and with the Lonoke, Arkansas address. The cartridges were the standard R . P. I asked a clerk about it and he told me that as far as he knew, but was not positive, that the Peters boxed stuff was being produced by Remington exclusively for Gander Mountain.

He said they carried the following calibers:

.243 Win. 100gr. SP
.270 Win. 130gr. SP
.270 Win. 150gr. SP
.30-30 Win. 150gr. SP
.30-30 Win. 170gr. SP
.30-06 Sprig. 150gr. SP
.30-06 Sprig. 180gr. SP
.308 Win. 150gr. SP
7mm Rem. Mag. 150gr. SP

Has anyone seen any other calibers? Can anyone confirm that it is being made just for Gander Mountain?