Garage sale items seen.....some help-guidance needed (Edit: Canadian 18 Pounder field gun. German 77mm Field gun. Gemran 210mm Morser Howitzer)

I photographed the following three items, that were unsold, at a local; ‘garage sale.’

Could anyone provide ID or background for the following WW1 shells. Any; ‘approximate guidance,’ on value would also be much appreciated. The items did not sell and I have the option to go back and make an offer. These items are out of my comfort zone and probably somewhat big for my house.

No 1
Neck: 8.3 cm
Rim: 10 cm
Length: 29.5 cm

No 2
Neck: 7.5 cm
Rim: 9 cm
Length: 23 cm

No 3
Neck: 21.5 cm
Rim: 23.5 cm
Length: 23 cm

The measurements were taken by the owner…therefore; there might be some ‘latitude.’

Photographs were taken on a mob phone, therefore the clarity may not be fantastic.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


The first is a Canadian made 18 Pounder field gun case. The case length appears correct from the measurements.

The second is a German 77mm Field gun cases. This also appear to be correct length.

Thw third is a Gemran 210mm Morser Howitzer case. This also seems to be correct length.

The “sold” markings are interesting, indicating that they were disposed of by the British government at some time.

All three items are otherwise fairly common. Whether the markings actually add any value is debatable.

Are you located in the UK? If I saw these myself I would be willing to pay £10 maximum for the 18 Pounder, £10 maximum for the 77mm and £30 for the 210mm. This would obviously change depending if they have any cracks, major dents or corrosion damage which the photos do not show. These are not market values as such, but only what I would be prepared to pay myself.

As for value in other countries I cannot comment on that.


Hi Falcon,
Many thanks indeed for your advice and insight…greatly appreciated.