Garand clips w/ M14 & M25


One photo, two questions.

  1. Clips with API M14. I assume these were “assembled” by someone rather than issued. Anyone ever seen legit clips with M14?

  2. Bandoleer marked for clips with TR M25. How common was this? I would guess, not very.




What are the marks on the clips?



I have no idea. They are not mine.



I have seen bandoleers of Tracer M25, but never any for API.


All I can say on this subject is that the only clipped ammunition I saw for the M1 during my Army service was Ball M2, AP and Blanks. The onlty place we were issued blanks in M1 chargers was in basic training and AIT. The only blanks I ever saw after training were in boxes, not in clips. I never saw any tracer, incendiary, APT or API in clips. For some reason, in the Reserve, we saw quite a bit of AP on clips - perhaps more than ball - and it was all old, from WWII. This was in the early 1960s, when I was finishing my second enlistment.

Of course, I was a peace-time soldier, and my experience with the more exotic types of ammunition is limited. Further, the majority of my Regular Army service as a Personnel Specialist assigned to Command Headquarters (Yukon Command) and quartered with the Signal Company. I was only an infantryman for a short time, and being peacetime, was disqualified when I took my overseas physical for USARAL, since my eyes were no longer 20-20. So. again, my experience is much, much more limited than that of combat verterans.

John Moss


The following thread on the CMP ammunition board just came up with some very interesting information on API M14 cartridges packaged on M1 Garand clips/bandos:



Carey, yes I’ve been following it and another on the same subject. There seems to be a big disagreement as to the value of clips full of API.



Lookee here! Anybody want to venture a guess as to why??

One guy said, “accurate destructive downrange fire from an M1D/C or MC1952.”

Is that a real military term? The M1D/C and MC1952 are scoped sniper rifles, BTW.


The first of the cans of M14 has been delivered. The owner doesn’t plan to open it, for now anyway. We are hoping that one of the guys who is supposed to get one will open it and post photos of everything inside. I would sure like to see what the bandos, headstamp, packing card, etc looks like.

A very unusual can. I’ll post whatever I learn.




Please advise the recipients that open theirs to NOT use them as food containers. PLEASE!! For the children’s sake.


Hey Rick. These guys are from Tenn. They’ll throw the ammo away. They are probably buying the cans to cook in. A nice Birthday present for the wife/cousin.



Here’s a current auction with a similar can of .30 cal API. I t has a lot number of 62 though. This guy says he’s had the can for a long time. Does this lot number or can shed any more light on this issue? This same seller has some other neat things for sale like a sealed can of 600 .30 carbine tracers, and an old white phosphorus grenade.


Here are some interesting Garand clips, including ones for 4 and 5 rounds that I figure are not military.

There’s also a list of manufacturer’s symbols on Garand clips.


[quote=“schneider”]Here are some interesting Garand clips, including ones for 4 and 5 rounds that I figure are not military.

There’s also a list of manufacturer’s symbols on Garand clips.[/quote]

There are some interesting images as well as the list of markings. However the clip loaded with two rounds in each end will not work as the magazine follower cannot reach the two rounds at the top. It is intended to be filled with only two rounds and be inserted into the rifle magazine with those two rounds at the top. These low capacity clips are for legal hunting in areas where a maximum number of rounds in the rifle limit is set.



I would like to add to the Hon.John Moss post.I fired the M1 Garand in service from 1954 - 1972.I was never issued Ball,Blank,API, or Tracers in clips,always in 20rd. boxes.Range firing was always with either WW 2 or Korean War dated AP in 8 rd. Clips packed in Bandoleers.The 20 rd boxes were for loading in the 20 rd mag for the M1918 A2 BAR.(A super fantastic shooting piece of machinery,even though it weighed 21+lbs loaded) The last time I fired an M1(1972) was with Special Forces Foreign & Obsolete Weapons Branch.My Demolitions Branch had a slack period,and I vol. to help the Foreign weapons branch as an AI. On blanks for field tng. we were issued the 20 rd boxes,and some times the Ammo Supply people would have a few sand bags full of empty 8 rd clips,and you would grab a hand full and "Clip your own"for the FTX. I never saw the M 1909 Blank,M14 API,or M25 Tracer “Clipped”. I often wonder what is still packed away in some corner of an Igloo in some "Ammo Dump"
Charles.j.Wells (Jack)


Two round Garand clips in the U.S. are used by target shooters where it is a ten round course of fire. They will initially load with the two round clip and then when those are expended, reload with a standard eight round clip = 10 rounds!


Thanks for that information John, I didn’t know that.



The clip is called a SLED.

on how to make one.



Actually the SLED clip for the Garand is different from the “two round” clip.

The SLED (Single Loading ? ?) is a device for using the Garand as a single loading rifle without having an empty clip flying out of the rifle after each shot. The clip will remain in the rifle, and a new round can be loaded in and the bolt released for slow fire.

The two round clip will hold two rounds and can be turned over, etc without the rounds falling out. The SLED will not hold any rounds if taken out of the rifle, so it may not technically be a “clip” as much as it is a device.