Garden gun flobert ammo information

I recently inherited a double barrel garden gun “brother” that is designated as a 8.3mm smoothbore centerfire with the other being a 6mm rifled barrel rimfire. Proof markings give the impression that it is post 1950 manufacture. Proofs are listed as German for rifle, shotgun, 2nd proof and examination and one for only being tested once(foreign arms).
It is in excellent condition with only light wear.
There is stamped on the metal of the receiver “1648”.
I have found that flobert 6mm cb caps are likely the correct ammo for the rifle side, but have found no centerfire references for the smoothbore.
Any ideas?

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My first thought is what I tell people who aquire a new firearm to be certain of the actual chamber… make a chamber casting with Brownells Cerrosafe.

Can you post a couple pictures of the firearm, and the various markings?

Is the name “brother” stamped on the firearm?

What are the actual markings for the caliber [bore?] on the barrels?


Chamber cast is the best way to go but there were .320 Rook centerfires that were loaded as shotshells. Might be what the 8.3mm refers to.


Thanks, the only reference to 8.3mm I found was the rim diameter of the 5mm Remington Magnum!


Here are pictures of the markings on the barrels.
There are no words on the gun. Through research I determined that this was what this type of gun was called. I have seen a drilling before and this is different. Not as detailed. It is still a very solid gun with that quality feel to it.

Are you sure the 8.3mm barrel is CF? I have owned single shot “garden” guns with the same proof bore diameter marking that were chambered for the 9mm RF shot cartridge.???

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Good question!
Would the chamber look like it has a ‘step’, like this cartridge?

Yes. Most had a paper hull with a brass or copper base.

Here is more detailed pictures!

Uploading: C34D0708-DEFF-417F-ACDF-1B7ABAA37D08.jpeg… Uploading: 101638A9-2A48-41A0-A74A-475732C7E69C.jpeg…

The total length of this gun is approximately 40”.

Well, that is a beautiful little double! I am now jealous and I WANT one!

Looking at the one picture into the larger chamber, I think Sportclay has the right question, but the firing pin position does look to me like a centerfire, judjing by the residue ring around it.
So, 9mm shotshell in a centerfire that I am not familiar with?

Definitely time to do a chamber cast to be certain.

These are probably the 9mm CF shot cartridges that come with the gun

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Thanks for the information. I’ll have to see if I can procure some. After you mentioning the barrel I looked at the 6 mm side. It looks to Me like it has some type of ridge inside of it. It looks like it would take a longer shell than that of a Flobert CB.

A mini “cape” gun Definitely not a RF 9mm. The ammo that r308 posted should be the correct ammo. More RF in this chambering than CF.

The 6mm gun barrel looks like a Rimfire to me

In my opinion it is more likely that this gun is chambered for the German 9.1x40R. Several German catalogs list 6 mm RF x 9.1x40R combination guns.

Please, can you take precise measurements of the chamber?

It is my impression that some unnecessary confusion has crept into this thread.
The photos of the weapon (breech face!) and the proof marks show that the right barrel (6 mm rifled, G below crown) is for a rimfire cartridge. The left barrel (8.3 mm diameter smoothbore, S below crown) is for a centerfire cartridge.
I agree with Fede that precise chamber measurements (chamber casting) are needed.