Gatling ammo

Does anyone know or have a list of all of the calibers of ammo used in the Gatling gun from it’s beginning to it’s end.

I certain this topic has been raised before on the forum and a lengthy list resulted. Try searching on ‘Gatling’ and I expect you’ll find it.

A good book on this subject is “The Gatling Gun” by Paul Wahl & Don Toppel.

I have not seen the list, but France built two variants of Gatling design in 8mmLebel Balle M in 1894-5, with special Clip plates to feed five rounds vertically and the clips were fed horizontally.( Musee de l’Armee, Paris)

Guns were mounted on lightweight artillery style carriages ( one was on tubular bicycle type frame.)
Cartridge feeder plates of cast gunmetal.
Soon superceded by 1897 Hotchkiss gun.( gas operated).
Doc AV.

I’ll start, off the top of my head & not in any order
1" rim and center fire
.30-40 Krag,
Cal. .75
Cal. .65
30mm Gau 8
20x110 US Navy

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.United States

.58 Rimfire
.58 Gatling centerfire 1875
.55 Gatling 1886
.65 Gatling 1870
.75 Gatling ca. 1870
.80 Gatling
.90 Gatling


0.45 inch 1874
0.45 inch 1883


25.4x107R (1 inch) Gatling ca. 1870
25.4x90R (1 inch) Gatling ca. 1870


25.4x57R (1 inch) Gatling ca. 1870 inside primed


10.66x57.5R Gatling


11x57R Gatling ca. 1871


0.45 inch (British)
1 inch (25.4x93R)

Source: The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. 2; Hoyem, 1982

0.65 inch British Navy 1875 (Tony Edwards, )


From Sweden there is Palmcrantz Multibarrel MG (Gatling like or made under license?), AB Palmcrantz & Co.; Information from the (online digital museum, Sweden)

Projektil- Projektiler av stål med kopparringar. Tre projektilhylsor med samma nummer. a) 65 x 25 mm. b) 125 x 29 mm. c) 115 x 38 mm, hylsa höjd: 132 x 52. (25x65mmR, 29x125mmR, 38x115mmR)

Palmcrantz & Co, Stockholm.

Palmcrantz 1872

A few more U.S. calibers
Original was .58 caliber using steel chambers similar to the Agee Coffee Mill gun, or the Roper shotguns to be loaded from .58 caliber paper cartridges and percussion caps.

6mm Lee Navy
.30-40 Krag
37mm T250 “Vigilante” gun for the Vigilante T249 AA system, which seems to have started with 37 x 256 ammunition (T250X-1) then changed to 37 x 219 (T250X-2

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11mm Murata/Gatling (had flat base not Mauser A base)

Modern replicas
.45 Long Colt

I would LOVE to have a mini Gatling in .45 Colt…
If you have a chance to go to the NRA Museum in Fairfax, Va, they have severl Gatling guns, and one is a miniature in .45 Colt, in the same display as- if i remember correctly- a 37mm!

May be of interest,

Wow, too cool!

How tempted were you to give it a cursory cleaning, and load a few rounds into her…??? ;-)

What about a .42 Gatling ? Does this cartridge excist?

That is probably the 10.66x57.5 R Russian with the blue paper patch, as it’s also known as the .42 Russian by some in the US.

Pete, yes but to be exact it is 10.67x57R (as per the drawing the case length is 56.89 mm).

Lars, in Russia better known as the “4.2-line rifle cartridge” - equal to .42" (mathematically 4.2 lines are 10.67 mm).

Too bad that somewhen a caliber designation was made up basing on the reading of a caliper.
As we see it is extremely difficult to erase such errors as they seem to reproduce and live for ever (in many other calibers too).

Hi Aex
I just got lazy & copied the designation from one of the above posts.
So your point is double taken, even if all most all the published literature refers to is as a 10.66x57 R.

I did get to shoot a model 1862 replica in 2016 at a manufactures fun shoot here in Minnesota. A person could shoot up a stick mag. for $20.00. A person could also fire one shot from a Civil War type cannon for $50.00. The Gatling Gun has always been my favorite gun and it was a real treat to shoot.

Where in MN did you see a 1862 replica.I live in the Twin Cities Tom

Hi Tom,
The shoot is held at a range Northeast of Little Falls some time in April and is put on by Reed’s sports shop I do believe. I can’t remember the name of the range. It’s a good time and a person can shoot alot of guns for free.

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Being an 1862 Replica, what calibre are the barrels???

During the Civil War, the Gatlings were using a .58 calibre Steel cylinder fitted with a Percussion cap…and reloadable from standard Infantry Paper cartridges.

Only after the war was a cartridge gun developed, first the 50/70 Springfield, followed in 1873 by the .45/70 USG.

I DOUBT they are using .45/70, unless it is Black Powder Handloads…for the cost to be US$ 20 per stick magazine ( quantity???)

More Information please.

Doc AV

What about Gatlings in 12.7x108, 14.5x114, 23x115, 25x137, 30x165, 30x173, 30x210B, 37x94R, 47mm and 53mm and last but not least a 57mm of if which I am just not sure it existed?
I do not remember an exact type but I am sure there was one in 12.7x99 (.50) too.