Gatling duplex and explosive cartridges

Does anyone have ever seen examples of cartridges with these characteristics? These were tested early on 1873.

.42 Berdan caliber duplex round:

1" Gatling with Mead’s patent explosive bullet (cartridge case placed in the nose looks like .44 caliber blank):

The Mead patent explosive bullet is known in .43 Spanish (& lots of other case types, even the Roper rifle shell) most seem to have used a .22 RF blank, the 1" Gatling variation is new to me.

Pete, it seems that it was purely experimental. I find a footnote in another report saying: “A number of explosive bullets were fired from the 1-inch Gatling gun into the penetration target, at a distance of 200 yards. They usually penetrated three or four boards, an then burst, splintering the target considerably. The shattering effect, however, appeared to be greatly diminished by the intervals between the boards, and would doubtless have been much greater in solid wood”.