GAU Index System


I’m creating this topic to ask you guys if any of you have some sheets or anything that contain the indexes from the old GAU system which was replaced by the actual GRAU system.
Thank you.


Bogdan, are you able to handle Russian and or Cyrillic?
The Russian web is full of lists.

Let’s say I can handle transliterations from Cyrillic. I am interested mostly because of the old Soviet small arms, artillery and ordnance.

Good, here you have a 50 page thread in the leading Russian forum.
I guess you will have to register first.

And here much more in the web search:ГАУ+ГРАУ+индекс&oq=ГАУ+ГРАУ+индекс&gs_l=psy-ab.3...663.663..1239...0.0..…0…2j1…gws-wiz.pIvxunuXtyA&ved=0ahUKEwjk-Zujw97nAhVn_SoKHSEuC8oQ4dUDCAc&uact=5

I see the link looks odd.

Just try a web search with this exact wording (all three):
ГАУ ГРАУ индекс

So far so good with the results. Just need to get my ass into working with those Cyrillic letters. Thanks Alex for the answer!

HERE is the most current list of GAU / GRAU indexes
old GAU indexes bottom on bookmarks 51-58