Gauge identification

Hello all of you.
Can you help me with this gauge?
I Chose this gauge and i don’t know were was made.
I send you three images.

Thank you


Hello Pedro,

Can you please provide measurements?

Such as length, diameter of the bullet, diameter of the case neck.

Thank you,


The stamping on the gage depicts a Reichswehr style eagle above the inspector’s mark “WaA4”, suggesting it was produced in the period from perhaps 1930 to 1936 or so, and accepted by an ordnance team in the Suhl area. The form of eagle is associated with work produced by the firm of Simson or perhaps its immediate successor BSW. Jack

Thank you for your answers.
Brian, these are the measurements.


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In looking through my notes it seems to me the likeliest date of inspection of this gage would be 1935. That is the first year there is proof WaA 4 was active in the Suhl area, and the style of eagle displayed is one that would have been “old style” that that time. Manufacturer could be Simson or BSW, but there were other firms in the area capable of producing this gage. Jack

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To avoid confusion: Simson and BSW are the same factory. When the Nazis confiscated it from the Simson family, it was first named BSW (Berlin-Suhler Waffen- und Fahrradwerke) and later became part of the Nazi-owned Gustloff group.

JPeelen: Avoiding confusion here is very difficult. I found a photograph of an MG 13 magazine bearing the Simson “S in a triangle” stamp plus the WaA4 and G for 1935. I don’t know if what had been Simson was still being so identified in 1935 or if BSW was using the Simson trademark pending something more congenial. Jack

Do I see that in the drawing correctly, the case length is 53,7 mm?

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The takeover was announced by Fritz Sauckel on 21 Dec 1935 (according to the book on Simson 1856-1993 by Ulrike Schulz).

I simply wanted to avoid that readers of this forum, not acquainted with the Simson history, could get the impression that Simson and BSW were two unrelated factories located at Suhl.

This means, that up to the end of 1935 the S in Triangle for Simson is correct…as up to than, no Takeover has happenend…

Yes dutch, thats funny…and it is not a normal gauge at all, as it has not a normal base with Extractor groove a.s.o…
And I do not nelieve , that the Germans marked a 8x54…
maybe its a starter cartridge for a drum-magazine or similar tool, but no gauge for a gun…

Exactly. (to your first message)

It is obvious the object was exposed to heavy polishing or even grinding and dimensions should be taken with a grain of salt. (Which does not explain the case length and cartridge length given.)

JPeelen: Yes, the point you bring up is a reasonable one. And from the markings on the gage, if it is such, its actual manufacturer is still unknown, tho place and fairly exact date are known with reasonable confidence. Jack