Gauge-Questions 7,62 Russian, 7,62 Nato, 5,45 Russian

I recently acquired some gauges in 7,62mm Russian, 7,62mm Nato and 5,45mm Russian caliber. This gauges are cartridge-shaped and are rather than from the weapons- than from the ammunition-manufacturing (my opinion!).
The left and the middle one show no inscription. They differ by two rings at the neck and some kind of “primer-pocket”. The surface looks ground and it seems that they consist of two parts, the rim-area and the body.
The right one is made of one part and shows some kind of “bullet-shaped” extension. The surface looks also ground and there is a laser-engraved inscription:

.SML 5/89
MZ556 a

The appearance of the items is high-quality extensive. It is interesting, that a magnet is less attracted at the bottom of the first two items than at the single steel item. Possibly a different material.

Four 7,62mm Nato Gauges, also possibly from Firearms-manufacturing.

The two left ones differ also by a ring at the neck. They consist of two parts, the bottom and the body and show the following inscription:

MRE 22/02


7,62X51 MAX

The “primer-hole” is going all the way to the top.

The gauges on the right side, do come from an intermediate stage of manufacturing a firearm-barrel (my opinion). They are made of one piece each. The hole is also going all the way to the top. The body is straight and the walls are parallel, which point in the direction of a pre-reamer-stage during manufacturing. The diameter of the body is smaller than the diameter of a finished chamber or cartridge in 7,62mm caliber. They show also an inscription:

.SML 4/91
CAL. 7,62N


.SML 4/91
CAL. 7,62N

The overall-appearance is high-quality and industrial-quality.

The last gauge is a 5,45x39 gauge. It has the same appearance of the former gauges. It is also made of two parts, the bottom and the body .
The inscription on the side is:

MRE 39/02
5,45X39 MAX.

Does somebody know gauges of such design and appearance or know the country, which they come from (possibly a Spanish/Portuguese-speaking country) or know the manufacturer of such gauges (SML or MRE???)

A thought in these two specific gauge types:
Could they be Min/Max headspace gauges used to check the chamber on a firearm to see if it is within spec at the time the barrel is being chambered, for bolt action rifles, (i.e.: 98 Mauser type)?

And the two next to them, (PUESTO.5, Spanish for "POSITION 5?), with the longer bases, perhaps for semi/full auto having a “deeper” chamber due to the rotating/locking bolt head, (i.e.: AR-308/7.62 NATO type rifle barrel extension)?

you are right. It is also my opinion, that the fullsize gauges have been used for checking headspace of certain weapon-systems. But I am sure, that it is not the case with the longer ones (puesto .5) because they are smaller in diameter. For this, they don´t have enough guidance in the front part.
In the mean time, I got the Information, where the gauges come from. They are from the
ISL St. Louis, which is doing also ballistic test for the German and French government.
This explains the existance of the 7,62mm and the 5,45mm gauges.

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