Gaupillat England

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Can anybody tell me the story about Gaupillat and England??
I show you some pictures of a very nice box and some headstamps of the cases inside.
But I have no idea of when, how long etc. etc.

Also one case has G. E. on the headstamp, Can this be Gaupillat England?
Or is it something else??

Some headstamps say Paris, but others have British names like Waranted, Improved and more.

Even when you cannot help me, I am very happy to show you these pictures.

many regards rené

Beautiful cartridges René, and great looking box too!!
I found an address listing for Gaupillat in a old catalogue titled “International Inventions Exhibition” “Official Catalogue” printed in 1885. Other than this, I was unaware Gaupillat was in London.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the Link!
The box isn’t mine, but some of the pin fire cases are coming my way.
Another Gem for my collection.

regards rené

Very nice Rene, very nice,

If it helps, I have that address, Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4 listed as the address for Gevelot & Co. (London) and I have seen just a very few brass cases with the head stamp Gevelot London, unfortunately I don’t have one to be able to post any pictures.

Thanks for the pictures.
PS. Happy New Year by the way.

G.E. is not for Gaupillat England but for Gaupillat Ernest. It is a trade mark


Hi JP.

Thanks for this great information.

What Time frame are we talking about?

Regards rené

Just the head shown. It is all-brass but in horrible condition so just this part is worth showing.

René, very nice box and shotshells, thanks for sharing these nice pictures with us, as usual.

The designation “Gaupillat and Co.” may lead to the interpretation that this is “Gaupillat & Cie.”, but as far as I can deduct from ads and other references is that it was a “short” company name used by SFM when trading in London, also from this same address and as early as 1885. There are other shotshells labels associated to this address that for example read: “Gevelot, Gaupillat & Co. London E. C.” or “Gevelot & Co.”. Also, I don’t think that Gaupillat & Cie. was ever listed as a “Manufacturer of Sporting and Military Ammunition”.

Between 1875 and 1899 this was address of Pigou, Wilks and Laurence, a well know gunpowder manufacturer. Also, at contemporary times it was an address used by The Smokeless Powder Co. and The Explosives Company.



Ad from 1895:

Just to add to what Fede, Pete, Mike and others have put, Gaupillat was a French company and had no manufacturing facility in London.
The Queen Victoria street address was merely an address of convenience used by a number of other British and European companies who wished to have the kudos of having a smart London address. Gaupillat had an office in this building circa 1880s.

[quote=“polman”]Hi JP.

What Time frame are we talking about?

Regards rené[/quote]

For your box and the ctges before the end of 1884.

Before 1884 you can find two different companies at this address :
After 1884 you have only one company at this address
SFM (Gevelot and Gaupillat)


Yes Pete that is the one I don’t have, thanks for the picture.


Hi All.

Many thanks for all the help!
This makes things much clearer to me.
I knew of Gevelot and London, and there is also a case with UEE London.
I guess this is something of the same.
Mo manufacturing but only an address.

many regards rené

Just to add a London dimension to the thread. Queen Victoria St at that time would have been in the part of London densely occupied by the offices of merchants and shipping companies. No manufacturing or warehousing.

As Vince says, Queen Victoria Street was a series of buildings divided into small offices, mostly legal companies which made their money by being the London address for companies, many of foreign origin: some are well-known and some obscure. In most cases they were nothing more than a glorified post office box number but it did allow the companies to claim a London address. On Queen Victoria Street these included the following ammunition-related companies:

Arms & Ammunition Mfrg Ltd (1891-1901)
British Cartridge & Ammunition Co. (1886) (See IAA Journal 502)
Chilean National Ammunition Co. (1900-1904)
Gaupillat & Co (1884-1885)
Gevelot & Co. (1884, 1889-1895)
Gevelot & Gaupillat (1886-1888)
Leeds Ammunition Co. (1916)
James Watson & Co. (1903-1920)

I recommend “The London Gun Trade 1850-1920” by Joyce Gooding & Peter Scott-Edeson – it’s an analysis of the London Postal Directories.

Hi Chris.

Thanks for this great list.

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[color=#0000FF]Hello chris
there seems to be a one year shift in the dates [/color]

Gaupillat & Co (1884-1885) [color=#0000FF]I would say 1883-1884[/color]
Gevelot & Co. (1884, 1889-1895) [color=#0000FF]I would say 1883,1884, 1888-1895 (?)[/color]
Gevelot & Gaupillat (1886-1888) [color=#0000FF]I would say 1885-1887[/color]

[color=#0000FF]Are these dates coming from “The London Gun Trade 1850-1920” by Joyce Gooding & Peter Scott-Edeson ?[/color]


hello René,

Are you sure the one with the hstp “Improved Safety” is from Gaupillat ??


Hi JP.
Not 100%
But I have seen two of these boxes and both have these inside.
I know, no proof, But seeing two of these boxes and both have these inside makes me believe that it is legit

Regards rené

The dates I listed are from the booklet “The London Gun Trade 1850-1920” by Joyce Gooding & Peter Scott-Edeson.

Being an analysis of the London Postal Directories it is quite possible that there is a shift of up to a year simply because a company might acquire that address and it only shows up in the next postal directory. Similarly, a company might relinquish an address and it might not be reflected until the following year. It would be up to the legal company acting as their agent to inform the postal authorities of any changes. It is a good reference but like any business directory it is at the mercy of the companies involved providing timely and accurate information. Don’t blame the post office !!

I have checked most years of the London directories and dates mentioned in the booklet are correct. However, what it is confusing in this particular case is the company designation; for example, “Gevelot & Co.” was used before and after the creation of SFM. It is listed for the first time in the 1884 directory (I have checked 1883 and is not there), but it is also listed as “Gevelot & Co.” between 1889 and 1895, although the address used during this timeframe was 143, Queen Victoria St.

Another designation used at least during 1888 at the 143, Queen Victoria St. address was “Gevelot, Gaupillat & Co.”.