Gaupillat Paris


What years did they use the “Gaupillat Paris” headstamp?


This is a question that has wider scope than would first appear.

As a starter I can state that the “GAUPILLAT PARIS” hs is known on cases with the Battery-Cup Gaupillat primer (from 1870) and also on Internally primed (IP) cases (from at least as early as 1869). They were used on cases for Revolver, Canne, Shotshell, adaptor sub-calibers and short range propelling blanks. Some of these were produced into the 1890’s

The “GAUPILLAT PARIS” hs is even known on pinfire and is rumoured to be found on later conventional CF cases but I cannot confirm that.

It’s use evidently extended well after SFM was formed and some French sources state that Gaupillat hs were produced as late as WW1 but whether these were “GAUPILLAT PARIS” I cannot confirm.

I’m sure our French members can expand/correct on that !


Thanks for the info.