GBW 9mm headstamp

I had mentioned in the thread on the Colt branded SCHP pistol ammo that GBW (Goldbelt Wolf) Cartridge of Florida was manufacturing and beginning to distribute their newly branded Legend Pro and Legend Basic ammo earlier this summer. The “Legend Basic” is supposed to be a solid zinc projectile, the same as used (and manufactured by?) National Police Ammunition of Miami for their new “Z-Clean” ammo. GBW’s Legend basic was listed as being only 10mm, .357mag, and various other large revolver calibers since their agreement with NPA was to not load the zinc bullet in the more common calibers which NPA was already doing.

I came across these last week, and I presume this standard FMJ 115gr loading is meant to fill that gap:

The only place they seem to exist online thus far is at Blacksmith Armory: which I see Curtis S. had pointed out a few months ago in the other thread about a 9mm contract by GBW.

Here is a newer version of the GBW 9mm headstamp I came across today. Midsouthshooters supply had it listed on their website:

gbw 9mm

Just to round out some more GBW headstamps for Gold Belt Wolf in Florida, here are some others I have happened across online.


247-pb40gbw500_5 247-pb380gbw500_5


And here is the .300 Blackout headstamp which has already been shown in the .300 Blackout thread: