GBW Ammunition, Venice, Florida

Does anyone know the current status of the GBW Ammunition firm, of Venice, Florida? A search for their website, brought forth only a message saying it could not be found.

The sold ammo under the “Legend Pro” brand name. The 9 mm box I have uses nickel cases with the “JAG” headstamp. However, I have a single specimen of 9 mm ball in a plain brass case with the “GBW 9mm LUGER” headstamp, and I have a picture of the same headstamp with less of a gap between the “9mm” and “Luger,” and a slightly different font to the headstamp letters.

Are they still in business? Does anyone know if the GBH headstamp appeared on any caliber other than 9 mm Luger?

John Moss

They also had a US Government for a foreign country. This was not a DOD contract. They were willing to send me a box but when they checked with the agency that paid for the ammo they were told not to send it to anyone but the country it was contracted for. This ammo did have a different headstamp, but I have no idea what it was.

Nice guys, but I have not been in contact with them for a number of years.