GD-OTS 105MM M900 APFSDS Round - Request For Photos

Other then the picture in, Jane’s Ammunition, does anyone have access to photos of the M900 APFSDS 105MM tank round? I have been hunting hi and low for an inert example for my collection for years as it is the only US 105MM Apfsds round I don’t have with no luck. Even pictures are hard to find. I have seen a poster with a cutaway drawing but other then that, nothing. If anyone has any reference pictures I would be grateful. Thanks so much.


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Fede, you are the best! Thank you so much. I have seen the diagram on Ordata but unfortunately, it is not accurate with a completely different projectile then a M900. Ordata uses that same pic for the M735, M774, M833 and the M900, same with their attached projectile photo which is a M735.

The photo of the Marine holding the round in his arms is DEFINITELY a M900 and the BEST picture I have ever seen of it. I can’t thank you enough. Very grateful for your help. I hope there are more photos out there of this round. I doubt I will ever ad this one to my collection so I am really fired-up and grateful for any pics.


Jason, here you can download the entire technical bulletin (just 3 pages):

Thanks so much. For some reason I could not download. Maybe because I have a Mac? :-(


Thanks, EOD for sending me this document directly. So grateful.



Excellent pics, Gyro! These are actually the US M833 105MM APFSDS. The giveaway are all the gussets on the sabot to reduce parasitic weight and increase strength. This is my favorite 105MM that I currently have represented in my collection. It is a DU round and has the longest sub-projectile dart of all the 105’s until the M900 came out.


Picture of a M900 APFSDS-T round sectioned. This round has the longest dart sub-projectile of any 105MM APFSDS round and has a significantly more powerful powder load. Due to this fact, each steel case (M148A1B1) is stenciled on the side;

THAN 4804


Jason hope you like the little tank rounds!

Thanks, Gyro!

I love that desktop display! A great friend on in the IAA gave me the same display, one of my all time favorites!