GEA/GUilford Tubular/Cutter SWAT ammo?

Is the pictured ammunition Guilford Engineering Associates of Guilford CT tubular/cutter ammo that was made for the FBI SWAT Team as Lew and others have posted about? Thanks!

No…the fbi/batfe issue 9mm had plastic feedcaps as they tend to eat the h&k feedramps without the caps in place.

Chris, this isn’t the tubular which as Cobb said had a white plastic insert in the tip to improve feeding, but this is a companion round. Aberdeen/Edgewood decided that in the small 9mm diameter there was no advantage in having the hole pass all the way through the bullet so they developed a follow-on round called the Annular Nose Solid Base round (ANSB). When the FBI placed their order with Guilford, they ordered both. The ANSB did not have a plastic tip plug. I am on the road, but have a box photo of the ANSB I think. Can post it if there is interest.

For your interest, the Edgewood guys tested the ANSB with holes in the side. These holes were partially visable above the casemouth. I guess they were trying to see if there were any effects of allowing flow through the tip on the ANSB.

Cheers, Lew

ANSB were a poor design IMO.

Any pics of any of these guilford built rare items woulds be very cool.

Here’s a shot including a cutaway of one of the GEA ANSB rounds, in the bottom row.

SDC…I never get tired of seeing that pic …its so darn COOL !