Geco .32 S&W Long with knurled rim

I went to see another collector I know yesterday. I found this .32 S&W Long round with a knurled rim in a box of trade stock rounds.

The case also appears to be slightly necked. The rim is knurled with vertical lines, but these are difficult to see in the photo. They are more visible around the edges of the head in the headstamp photo. The bullet is a CN FMJ. I apologise for the poor quality photos as they were taken with a phone.

What is the story on this cartridge?

Thanks for any info.

I believe the knurling on the rim denotes a proof round. M. Rea

Falcon, it is a proof round.


Here is the box of the .32 S&W loading:

Thanks for the replies. I will pass this on to the owner of the cartridge.

Falcon - you might double-check the bullet type on the round you posted. You said it was CN-FMJ. The box label is for a round with a hard-lead bullet. Hard lead when handled a lot can take on a polish that makes it look like a CN - FMJ bullet. If it really is CN FMJ, I just wanted to point out that while the box Fede so kindly pictured would be very similar, it might not be the absolutely correct label for the cartridge. I have a hunch, though, that the cartridge will prove to have a lead bullet.

Thanks for pointing that out John.

I took the photo in poor light conditions. When the round is handled it is clearly a shiny CN jacketed bullet as I have seen on other similar Geco rounds.