GECO 6.35 box dating

Picked up some ammo today from a local haunt. Bought a 25rd box of 6.35 Geco ammo. Was wondering if anyone had an idea of manufacture date. I’m guessing pre 1945.


Sorry, But this is post-WWII ammo. Dynamite Nobel AG is the name of the post war combination of a number of German ammo manufacturers.
I think we have a pretty good idea of the pre-1946 Geco code, at least the year, but I don’t know of anyone who has broken Post-war Geco code.


Thanks for the response. I was short sighted and went off the “Made in Germany”. Appreciate the help. Nice box for the shelf none the less.

Yes, a nice box!

Crjunkie - when I first started collecting boxes (primarily auto pistol), I was thrown off by the “Made in Germany” marking as well. Now, years later, I have a pretty large quantity of post-war German commercial boxes from GECO, and while I didn’t just check all of them, I check my two dozen or so 9 mm Para boxes and none refer to “West Germany” or “Federal Republic of Germany” in the markings; all say simply “Made in Germany.” Guess they were ignoring the DDR.

John Moss