Geco 6.35 red tip


I have a Geco + 6.35 + cartridge with a Red Tip bullet.
Bullet is lead with red paint and non magnetic.
Ogive is different than regular fmj rounds.
Weight is 6 gr. heavier for Red Tip cart. vs regular fmj.
What have I? Tracer?
Bob R.


The headstamp on your Geco 6.35 mm cartridge would indicate pre-WWII production. Lead bullet loads are know from then, as well as post-war. However, the tip of paint that chips like it is on that would tell me that someone has simply painted the bullet of a regular, lead-bullet load for their own purposes. I seriously doubt that it is any kind of special loading. The Germans did not utilize pistol-caliber tracers in any caliber to any great degree, even in military 9 mm Para where I believe that tracers were no more than experimental.

Since the bullet is lead, and has a heavy coat of paint on it despite the chipping, I do not think much can be ascribed to the difference in overall cartridge weight between that and a FMJ- bulleted round.