GECO 7.65 mm

Hi all.

I came across 8 7.65 GECO cartridges in a WW2 take-home pistol. From this I would guess that they were of that era. Both the casing and the projectile attract a magnet. Thecases show some trace rusting, just a bit.

Do these things have collector value or should I just pop them off at the range?


These cartridges, made by Gustav Genschow & Cie. during WWII, are still fairly common, but I certainly wouldn’t bother to shoot them. For the few rounds you have, why bother? They are getting scarcer and scarcer the longer time moves on from the end of WWII. I would just put them away for possible future trades.

Yup. Good advice, thanks.

I would keep them with the pistol if you have it, they have probably been in there since the guy it was captured from loaded it.