Geco 9mm Luger ammo

This box has been following me around for a long time and I have always wondered whether it’s old and interesting, or just foreign.


Standard box for commercial sales, used in several variations over a long time. The top side you show is in German, the opposite side in English. After the CIP name change from 9 mm Parabellum to 9 mm Luger in 1984, the words Parabellum and Luger were swapped on the box.
After closedown of the Geco Factory at Durlach, its use was continued for Stadeln-made cartridges. In the latter case, an alphanumerical code on one of the end flaps could allow exact dating.

here’s the code:

Thank you for showing the code. It is from the Geco (Karlsruhe-Durlach) period and, as far as I know, not yet deciphered. Lew Curtis is working on this and I am sure your pre-1984 box is helpful in solving this problem.