GECO catalog

Here to the joy of all the what I think is the latest GECO catalog.
I just scanned it.

Follow the download instructions (use the “free” option) and unzip the file once you have it on your drive.

EOD - thanks for posting. Nice catalog. First time since the late 1930s that Geco has offered the .38 Super case type, and the first time ever, I think, that they have offered the .38 Super loading in it. The .40 S&W is new, too, isn’t it?

I wonder where this ammo is really made, and what headstamp they are using. It is the first I have seen of these all-red boxes. They are joining the (9 mm) “headstamp of the minute club” with their boxes, these last couple of years. Now we seem to have the “box design of the week” from them.

Well, keeps us on ours toes and guarantees that none of us will ever have a complete collection of any of this stuff. I guess that’s good in a way.

EOD, thanks a lot! This one was published early in 2011.

John, my first Geco catalog offering the .40 S&W was published in 2003. The .38 Super was not included.

If anybody wants a PDF version of this catalog, send me an email (click on email below) and I will send it to you.