Geco Electra


Does anyone know the meaning of the “H” at 6 on this 16 ga. Electra by Geco?



I have two styles of head stamps for Electra, basically as below but in different configurations.

The 12 bore case I have also seen as a pinfire with the exact same stamping and layout.

I also have a picture in my file of the case you show (not mine so I owe somebody a credit “perhaps Jim” but source is not recorded) and I just have it filed with the other Electra pictures.

So at best I can confirm for you the case was manufactured as per your catalogue image (in 12 bore) but can’t help with the meaning of “H”.



Is is not Hamburg ??


Mike and JP, thanks a lot for the help. I also think that it may stand for “Hamburg”, but I’m not sure. In this regard, there is a variant of this headstamp found on pinfire that reads “ELECTRA HAMBURG” with the caliber indicated in the middle, so maybe this is a simplified headstamp with same meaning.




Gustav Genschow did open an ammunition division in Hamburg in 1908 designed for ammunition for export. The Berlin office of this company also relocated to Hamburg in 1933. Interesting to note is that Gustav Genschow was allocated the D letter for their headstamps made at their Durlach factory so it makes sense the H would represent Hamburg, the only H named location of their offices that made or distributed ammunition.


It could also be H for Hachenburg ?

The catalogue from which is coming the picture shown by Fede shows the following page

H for Hamburg because it is the location of the company
H for Hachenburg because it is the location of one factory (see at the bottom of the page)

But if it there is existing a pf shotshell with "Electra Hamburg"as hstp it is for Hamburg.

Fede, have you a picture ?



Hi JP,

My scan actually came from the 1929 export catalog No. 45.

I don’t think it could stand for Hachenburg because in this catalog this location is indicated as the factory manufacturing “Hunting and sporting requisites”, whereas Spandau as the “Arms” factory, and Durlach, Wolfartsweier and Nuremberg as the “Ammunition and shot” factories.

Another possibility would be Hamm in Westfalen, which in a few catalogs from the 1920’s is not listed as a branch but as the main address in place of Hamburg.

Regarding the headstamp, I’m afraid I don’t have a picture, just this drawing.




OK, A bit of a curved ball!, around this era many companies used, the head to define the cartridge case i.e. Kynoch had CB on the brass to define Cone Base, some had a letter or letters others as a name or names.

Just a thought but could the “H” stand for “Hülse” to show that this was just an empty case supplied for loading by another and not an original factory loading… unlikely I know but a thought!

Fede, are there any clues in the catalogue that it came from?



H is Hamburg as No ammunition was ever made at the Hachenburg factory. Hachenburg was a leather factory for the firearms division of GG&Co but did Not produce any ammunition. Gustave Genschow has a history book of their company up to 1937. It states ammunition was only made in the well known factories and Hamburg. They do not state about shotshells or the Electra brand though.

Edit: John that is a good possibility as well if the H does not stand for Hamburg. It could also mean both as Hamburg was the factory designated to provide export ammunition.


The advertisement shared by jeanpierre gives the Hamburg location as “Südseehaus”, a typical Hamburg office building (Kontorhaus) at downtown Mönckebergstrasse, erected in 1911/12. As the location of a shotgun cartridge factory, this is out of the question in my view. Somewhat like Remington opening a cartridge factory on 5th Avenue, New York.


Mike, all shotshell brands in this catalog are illustrated under the heading “Empty Shot-Gun Cartridges Cases”. Below the Electra brands with “G.G.&Co. ELECTRA” and “ELECTRA H” headstamps it says: “A light red, brown or green case with 1/4” (6 mm.) deep brass head and large copper percussion cap for black powder. Gauge 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, and .410". I’m afraid there aren’t any clues as to the meaning of “H”.

Curtis, I agree with Jochem, the Hamburg address was always indicated as a branch or export office, not an ammunition factory.




Thanks Fede, it was worth asking, sometimes a clue is hiding there but as you say, nothing there.



The Gustav Genschow History book is vague. It mentions Hamburg office was opened in 1908 for ammunition, cases etc for export. It does not mention they made them there perhaps as stated maybe an office to broker the deals. The Hachenburg Factory also did not make ammunition. So with this in mind it appears both cities as place representing the H is out.

There was a mention of another place they referred to Hamburg but was a town just outside that was a different address. I am looking for that now…part of the history book I have is very worn and hard to read. Does anyone else have a copy of this? “50 Jahre Gustav Genschow & Co 1887-1937"
Interesting to note that many double barrel shotguns are listed with Hamburg such as the one below in an auction”

GUSTAV GENSCHOW CLAMSHELL ACTION DOUBLE RIFLE. SN 1206. (1927) Cal. 250 Savage. .Tops of bbls are engraved “Gustav Genschow & Co. A. G. Hamburg”.

edited date of book


On another note to do with this does anyone have this catalog…would love to see what shotshells are listed…

Gustav Genschow & Co. (GECO), Hamburg. 26 pages of rifle case types, shotshells and the Brenneke rifled slug cartridge (Flintenlauf Geschoss).


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Conclusion : For what is H ??



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no, sorry Fede, the message was for cartrigecorner.

But this one could be for you : In conclusion was is H for ?



JP, I don’t have a conclusion about its meaning, but it seems that we all agree that the most likely explanation is “Hamburg”.


Thank you.