Geco name after 1962


In 1959 all shares in the Geco company was teken over by Dynamit Nobel AG. In 1960 the name of the Gustav Genschow & Co AG was changed to Gustav Genschow & Co GmbH. In 1962 was the next chenge of the name:

  • according to “Hanbuch der Pistolen- und Revolver-Patronen” by Erlmeier and Brandt this new name was Dynamit-Nobel-Genschow GmbH

  • but according to RUAG official site (, the official name of the company was Gustav Genschow “Nobel”

Which info is correct?

And additional question: does cartridges with Geco headstamp still produce today?

Thanks for any info


Treshkin - both the Geco and the RWS headstamps are still coming out on new ammunition. As to who actually made them, it is difficult to tell these days, with the ammunition industry more incestuous than ever. Most of the boxes are marked RUAG. Some are marked “Made in Switzerland,” with others marked “made in Germany.” The RWS headstamp has been reintroduced on pistol calibers, some in boxes marked “Made in the USA.” Of course, the box-label national identity markings may now apply to all components of the cartridges. It may only be where they are loaded. Very hard to figure out who is making what these days, especially in commercial ammunition, where it appears the parameters for identification are not so strict as they are for military cartridges.


John, thank you!


Treshkin - military boxes I have for this company from 1963, 1966 and 1968 have the company name aas “Dynamit Nobel Aktiengesellschaft Werk Genschow-Durlach” as the maker. The case information on them (Patronenhülsen) shows, respectively, Geco 16-63; DNG 66-26; and DNG 68-9, so probably the headstamps on those three were Geco, DNG and DNG respectively.

Geco commercial boxes of around that time seemed to be marked as follows, in sequence with earlier boxes first, and then successively newer right up to early 2000s.

Dynamit Nobel AG Werk Genschow Durlach
Dynamit Nobel Actiengesellschaft
Dynamit Nobel Actiengesellschaft
Dynamit Nobel Actiengesellschaft, Troisdorf
Dynamit Nobel, Troisdorf

All of the above are from boxes marked “Made in Germany” except the earliest one (top one, which is the box style with a white band across the length of the top of the box), which has no identification of country of origin except for its German language writing and “Durlach.”

All of the boxes are marked with the Geco trademark, except the last box (latest one, blue with gold markings and picture of two unpright cartridges and one cartridge on its side, in gold color, on the top label) which has both the Geco and the RWS trademarks.

There are later box styles, of course, but they start to get into the “RUAG” era.

Hope this is of some help.

Unfortunately, most of my Dynamit Nobel catalogs are post-1970, and are for Dynamit-Nobel USA (the American designed catalog for Dynamit ammunition products).


Just stumbled across a May 1977 Guns&Ammo ad for GeCo ammunition.

Name mentioned there is ‘Dynamit Nobel’ followed by the GeCo logo.