Geco name used in 1960's

Can anybody tell the correct and full name of Geco in the 1960’s?

Hi Alex, a 1961 brochure list the company name as “Gustav Genschow & Co. Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” (or “Gustav Genschow & Co. G.m.b.H.”). My earliest reference showing this name is dated February 1960 and replaced the earlier form “Gustav Genschow & Co. Aktiengesellschaft” (or “Gustav Genschow & Co. A.G.”).

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Alex, Keep in mind that this company was taken over by DAG in 1962 so the full name of Gustav Genschow makes no sense beyond that date. If you want to refer to the specific Gustav Genschow ammunition made in the 1960’s you better use company name “Dynamit Nobel Aktiengesellschaft Werk Genschow-Durlach”.

The name “Dynamit Nobel-Genschow G.m.b.H.” was also briefly used as I have it noted in references dated between August 1961 and November 1962.

Fede I do not have the year so I have to list both as a possibility then. Thanks for this detail!

Alex, here is an earlier thread on the subject with a detailed answer courtesy of John:


Alex, these were made for the Dutch Police.

Unfortunately I don’t know when they were made. (Code inside flap; Triangle 29 R 17)
Head stamp just Geco 30M1

To be sure they had all tree logos. -:slight_smile:

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just for information to you gentleman …
this weekend i got a full box of 9 para (Geco, 18-60, 9*19). the box is labeled with “Gustav Genschow & Co. AG. Karlsruhe - Durlach”, this fitts perfekt to fede’s timeframe of namechange

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According to Deutsches Waffen-Journal 2011, May, page 138, on January 1st 1963 “Gustav Genschow & Co. GmbH” formally ceased to exist (Firma erlischt) and the factory was transferred to Dynamit Nobel AG.

From Elga Roellecke’s book it is evident that there originally was a “Gustav Genschow & Co. AG” during wartime and as late as 1959. Either the AG was transformed into a GmbH at some point or both co-existed, the GmbH could have been owned owned by the AG. You could contact the Handelsregister branch of Amtsgericht Karlsruhe to get detailed information about the GmbH, even have the file sent to your local Amtsgericht and read it there. Depends on how much time you are willing to invest. It may be a frustrating exercise, judging from my experience with Berlin Handelsregister.