Geco production numbers

What are the meaning of the production numbers and letters printed inside the boxes of Geco ammunition?

What is the continuity of the same combination of numbers and letters, every how many manufactured cartridges/boxes do they change?

They change daily, showing day, month and year of the production, repeating every 25 years.

Edit: The above applies to the production at Stadeln and in Hungary of the current Geco brand. The original Geco factory at Durlach used a different system, so far undeciphered.

Thank you for your answer.

What are the codes and their meaning in the lots number for the Hungarian Geco?

Does anyone can “decipher” the German manufactured Geco lots codes?

The Hungarians continue to use the code from Stadeln with an additional number of unknown meaning.

I don’t mean to sound like someone ignorant but what does “the code from Stadeln” stand for?

EDIT: I’ve found your post from 2016: Current Geco 9mm Luger boxes from different countries

So, if a recent Geco package’s code is 54MN003, it means, 54-40=14th day of the month, M stands for the month of March, and N for the year 0f 2017, correct? Though, what are these 3 last digits?

The 003 is the “additional number of unknown meaning” I mentioned in my previous post, as used by the Hungarian factory.


I have many of these new Geco rounds, probably from different batches (I don’t have the packaging), and I want to know the details concerning their production to compare them.

I wonder, since while Geco is a registered trademark of Ruag Ammotec, belonging to Ruag Holding, does this ammo have a “hidden” or marked in some place the batch number or date of production (Forensic made a allusion to it)?