Geco projectile tin

Does the projectile container from Geco shown below imply that it is for any particular projectile (showing the number 2.14555.3, and type “blindee”), or is it a relatively generic label for several types of .357 projectiles from Geco? The person who had this implied that it was full of the old metal piercing type projectiles:

The only information on that tim’s top indicates it is FMJ 158 Grain .357 diameter projectile. There is not hint or indication that it is for an AP or MP projectile.

Hi Matt, this container was indeed filled with the bullet type known as the “158 Grains Metal Piercing Bullet”. When it was introduced in 1979 it was listed as “Full Metal Jacket” without mentioning any “Metal Piercing” capability. I’m not sure when the MP term was first used but maybe it was only applied to boxes of loaded cartridges. A 1994 catalog still list this bullet as “FMJ”.

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Thanks again Fede, I was hoping that decimal number meant something!

Matt, this interesting excerpt from a document issued by the Department of the Treasury on March 28th, 1985 mentions that the import of Geco “Metal Piercing” ammunition was discontinued in 1982:

Thanks Fede!

That document says that Winchester discontinued the “Hiway Master” metal penetrating production in 1982, but the Hiway Master was from Remington and was discontinued decades before 1982. I don’t know that Geco ever truly imported their metal piercing cartridges into the U.S.? I have never seen a box in the U.S. - even in Tucson! Van Ripper’s all lead bullets were a gun-mag novelty, never used by any police to my knowledge; they may as well mention the status of Magsafe.

The whole Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls) assassination report from the FBI was riddled with errors with regard to ammunition and spelling as well: