Geco R 9mm

Just got this box of shooting ammo, haven’t seen it before. Box says “Made in EU”, and sold as Hungarian. I haven’t noticed an “R” on Geco headstamps before, and the long, multi-language, folding warning label made it a bit interesting.


The white geco box is common from what I’ve seen in the last few years… To my knowledge most Geco ammo is made in Hungary. I know this to be true from email correspondence with the company… MADE IN THE E.U. Means nothing to me as i prefer gecos swiss ammo. As for the R headstamp, i cannot tell you. Perhaps someone else will drop in.

I have never seen a box with a warning “pamphlet” like that before.

I have never seen this headstamp! Very interesting.

Jon, As far as I know, these pamphlets are on all current EU boxes with the warning in all EU languages.

All, please see these previous discussions concerning GECO R & ammunition warning sheet:attached to European boxes of ammunition.

To my knowledge the come on most maybe even all Geco boxes… If this extends to rifle calibers, I’m not sure. I bought a case of Geco 380 ACP many years ago and all the boxes came with the warning pamphlet.

It of course also applies to rifle ammunition.
But the boxes are usually large enough to have the “warnings” printed directly on the box. I counted 24 languages on the side of a Sellier & Bellot box I recently bought.

We all know that user instructions are usually skipped over. How many buyers will
scan the very tiny text to find out that indeed there is a sentence they can read in that sea of incomprehensible words? One in 100000?
That one person will note how redundant the “warning” is, because he learned what NOT to do with ammunition in the process of obtaining a license to buy it in the first place.
In effect, the main purpose of regulations like these is to demonstrate the total contempt the EU bureaucracy has for the European people, by forcing us to obey totally useless and childish legislation.